This Season

Our 22nd (2019-2020) season will include . . . .

Nov 7-17, 2019 A Soldier’s Play by Charles Fuller,
Directed by Nada Vaughn


This 1981 play (winner of the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Drama) uses a murder mystery in a 1944 Louisiana army camp to explore the complicated feelings of anger and resentment that some African Americans have toward one another, and the ways in which many black Americans have absorbed white racist attitudes. A black sergeant has been killed. Was it the local Klan, or a white officer? When a rare black captain is assigned to investigate, he finds the black soldiers are as corrupted with hatred as the whites. Each one had a motive for the killing. Davenport solves the case, and the truth is even more shocking than the murder itself.

March 12-22, 2020 The Philadelphia Story by Phillip Barry,

Directed by Heather Sartin


This 1939 Broadway hit comedy centers on Tracy Lord of the Philadelphia Lords, a headstrong and spoiled daughter of the privileged. Preparing for her second wedding, she finds herself pulled in different directions by her fiancé, her ex-husband, and an attractive reporter sent by a gossip weekly to cover the events. As the wedding day dawns, Tracy learns a number of things about all three men, and in the process learns some things about herself.

POSTPONED-DATES TBD Broadway Bound by Neil Simon,

Directed by Sam Hack

This 1986 semi-autobiographical comedy is the last chapter in Neil Simon’s “Eugene” trilogy. It shows Eugene and his older brother, Stanley, dealing with their parents' relationship falling apart as the brothers work together toward being comedy writers for the radio, and, eventually, television. When their material is broadcast on the radio for the first time, the rest of the family is upset to hear a comedic rendition of their own trials and tribulations. How will Eugene and his brother balance their loyalties to their family and to their art?

All plays are presented in the Washington University South Campus Theatre, 6501 Clayton Road, Clayton, MO 63117.
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