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Clayton Community Theatre will conclude its 24th season with Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie, directed by Nada Vaughn.


Performances of Murder on the Nile are Thurs-Sun, May 25-June 4, 2023 


Love, money, meddling, politics, betrayal, and violence are all on the itinerary in this international whodunit romp, Murder on the Nile, by master of mystery Agatha Christie.


Heiress Kay Mostyn and her new husband, Simon, relish having it all: youth, good looks and wealth. They embark on their grand honeymoon journey down the Nile River for a euphoric start to their new life together. But things quickly become very complicated, and nothing is quite as it seems.


The newlywed pair are beset by constant interference on their trip. The groom's former (and jilted) fiancée - who is also the bride’s former best friend – is following them, boldly and intrusively, every step of the way. In addition, it seems that several other passengers know the newlyweds and harbor ill will against them, and freely speak their minds.


In classic Christie style, once murder and mayhem occur, the author dares you to discover the whodunit and the why before the end of the tale - no easy task here. In fact, if you see this ending coming you probably should be writing your own murder mysteries.

Murder on the Nile cast and crew

Steward                                    Panagiotis Papavlasopoulos

Miss Helen Ffoliot-Ffoulkes        Ann Egenriether

Christina Grant                          Kaytlin Doscher

William Smith                            Michael Stephens

Louise                                      Caitlin Souers

Dr. Bessner                              Paul Schultz

Kay Mostyn                              Annie Valuska

Simon Mostyn                           Brett Hanna

Canon Ambrose Pennefather     Colin Nichols

Jacqueline deSeverac               Liv Lewis

Captain McNaught/Bead seller   Mark A. Neels


Producer                                   Marilyn Albert-Hack

Asst Director                             Carolyn Bergdolt

Costumer                                  Jean Heckmann

Lighting design                          Nathan Schroeder

Set design                                Andrew Cary                            

Sound design                            Gene Rauscher

Egyptian statues                       Kate Mago


All plays are presented in the Washington University South Campus Theatre, 6501 Clayton Road, in Clayton.  Each production runs for two weeks, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:00 and Sunday afternoons at 2:00.


Clayton Community Theatre is honored and humbled to receive three Theater Mask Award Nominations from Arts for Life for productions in 2022. 

  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy: Aaron Mermelstein in Neil Simon's Broadway Bound

  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Danielle Rose Sherman in Uncommon Women and Others 

  • Outstanding Small Ensemble: Neil Simon's Broadway Bound


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