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After pausing for a year and a bit, we will be picking up where we left off. As before, we will be performing each production for two weeks, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:00 and Sunday afternoons at 2:00.
Up Next! Uncommon Women and Others, by Wendy Wasserstein, directed by Jessa Knust and Karen Pierce,
February 24 - March 6, 2022.  BUY TICKETS!!
This 1977 play, the first by noted American playwright Wendy Wasserstein, opens on a group of five graduates of Mount Holyoke College meeting for a reunion six years after their graduation. As they reminisce, a series of flashbacks to their senior year begins. Through following them through their senior year, we glimpse their journeys to find themselves while balancing society's shifting expectations of women as experienced by many women not just at this point in history, but today as well. 
Congratulations to our cast and thanks to our production team!

Kate Quin: Halley Robertson

Muffet DiNicola: Valerie Grant 

Holly Kaplan: Raelynn Twohy

Samantha Stewart: Ellie Taylor 

Rita Altabel: Anna Drehmer 

Susie Friend: Megan Wiegert 

Leilah: Aaliyah Fondell 

Mrs. Plumm: Tina Renard 

Carter: Elizabeth Loethen 


Directors: Karen Pierce and Jessa Knust

Producer: Nathan Schroeder

Props Coordinator: Nada Vaughn 

Lighting Design: Morgan Maul-Smith

Sound Design: Gene Rauscher

Set Design: Karen Pierce

Carpentry: Nathan Schroeder and Mark Choquette 

Costume Design: Julie Smailys 

Stage Manager: TBD 


The Member of the Wedding, by Carson McCullers, directed by Jim Danek, June 2-12, 2022
This 1950 play, adapted by the author from a 1946 novel, has been described as a “very funny, very dark” story on themes of racial and sexual identity and “why people exclude others and what happens when they do.”
Broadway Bound, by Neil Simon, directed by Sam Hack, July 21-31, 2022
This 1986 semi-autobiographical comedy is the last chapter in Neil Simon’s “Eugene” trilogy. It shows Eugene and his older brother, Stanley, dealing with their parents' relationship falling apart as the brothers work together toward being comedy writers for the radio, and, eventually, television. When their material is broadcast on the radio for the first time, the rest of the family is upset to hear a comedic rendition of their own trials and tribulations. How will Eugene and his brother balance their loyalties to their family and to their art?
All plays are presented in the Washington University South Campus Theatre, 6501 Clayton Road, in Clayton.
Since our 22nd (2019-2020) season was shortened by circumstances, we are pleased to extend the subscriptions of all of our 2019-2020 subscribers to include the entire 23rd season at no charge.


You are important to us at Clayton Community Theatre, and we are anxious to welcome you back!   As of Thursday, August 5, 2021, this is some of what we have in store to protect you while we all navigate the ebb and flow of Covid times: 


Each member of our cast, crew, and volunteer staff will be fully vaccinated.


Actors will be unmasked.  However, crew and volunteer staff (including ushers) will be wearing masks.   


We are planning on NO CONCESSIONS’ SALES during performances thru 2021. (We know, it’s fun and handy usually.)  We’re just following Washington University’s guidelines and acting on behalf of our audience and keeping safety first and foremost in our planning. 


We will restrict our ticket sales to 75% capacity to assist audience members in finding a place for their parties, comfortably distanced from other parties.

All audience members will need to wear masks while in the building.

Currently, within two hours of entering a campus building, everyone must complete a Covid self-screening here (It’s self explanatory and intuitive. The “reason” for your visit is “Event”. We will have volunteers on hand to assist you, if you’ve had any difficulties in responding from your own phones.) 

Each occupant of the building (including audience members) will be required to show proof of vaccination, at the entry to the building.  This would be your CDC Vaccination Record card, or an electronic version from your health records’ access through the BJC, MyChart app or website.  Fastest check-in would be the CDC card.

CCT is very thankful to our landlord, Washington University in St Louis.  Our Theatre space affords us high ceilings, an HVAC system with powerful blowers for good circulation, and the room to separate individual groups/ pods of audience groups, e.g. couples, or a party of 12!  We are fortunate to have our own lighted parking lot including handicap access, elevators, etc.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance.   We wanted to let all parties know our current changes right away.   Since our first production this season opens November 4, 2021, there may be a lessening or tightening on these restrictions.  We’ll change this statement on our website, in a newsletter, and on our FB page, as changes are made. 


Clayton Community Theatre is honored and humbled to receive seven Theater Mask Awards from Arts for Life on April 3, 2021, for productions in 2020. CCT received these awards for our production of The Philadelphia Story:


  • Outstanding Production
  • Outstanding Direction – Heather Sartin
  • Outstanding Leading Actress – Kelsey McCroskey
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress – Caitlin Souers
  • Outstanding Set Design – Andrew Cary, Zac Cary, and Heather Sartin
  • Outstanding Lighting Design – Nathan Schroeder
  • Outstanding Costume Design – Julie Smailys


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