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 It is almost time for the final show of the season!

July 18 – 27, 2014: Little Women adapted by Marian DeForest from the book by Louisa May Alcott, directed by Sheri Hogan   Buy Tickets 

This adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's beloved classic follows the four "Little Women", sisters Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth March, through the events of their young lives. It begins with that memorable Christmas when their mother leaves to visit her sick husband and Jo sells her beautiful hair to help finance the trip. It ends five years later when the happy family is again preparing to celebrate not only Christmas but the return of Mr. March. In between the two events, we live, laugh, love and cry with the sisters as they go through the many trials and tribulations that have made this story a world-wide classic.

Congratulations to the cast of Little Women

 Older Meg -- Christy Sust
Younger Meg -- Madison Grace Tucker
Older Jo -- Kathryn Hunter
Younger Jo -- Evelyn Cullen
Beth -- Shahnaz Ahmed
Older Amy -- Alyssa Dwyer
Younger Amy -- Libby Hoving
Mr. March -- Ryan Adolph
Mrs. March -- Tina Carroll
Aunt March -- Kristy Wehrle
Mr. Laurence -- Mark Slaten
Laurie -- Chris Buckles
John Brooke -- Nic Champion
Professor Bhaer -- MacKenzie Jade Freerksen
Hannah Mullet -- Jadienne Nolan



Adopt-A-Prop is ready for our next production Little Women. Adoptions start at $5.00, and are ready and just waiting for new adoptive parents.  There is a wide range of fees for a variety of props. NEW THIS SHOW:  PICK YOUR OWN PROP!  When you see the show you can adopt anything you see on stage for a minimum donation of $5.00.  Remember, your name goes up in the lobby, and in the program for the rest of the season.  You will also receive an adoption certificate and tax exempt letter. We look forward to hearing from you! For the Adopt-A-Prop form click here.

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